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Quality assurance at the production line requires the detection of tolerance deviations in real time and the identification of the cause of such deviations.

eMMA Reporter is a web-based module that allows company-wide monitoring of manufacturing quality at any number of production sites in real time. Tolerances defined within the product design data are used as the basis for the evaluation of different production and construction stages.

The software recognizes and reports deviations from manufacturing tolerances in real time and supports root cause analysis. In the case of a detected out-of-tolerance deviation, the system sends customizable warning messages via e-mail or SMS to authorized users.

eMMA Reporter also supports issue tracking and root cause analysis. Various charts are available to show deviations and trends in every assembly step of the product lifecycle. For example, users can see at a glance, the percentage of the measured values that are out of tolerance.


  • Real-time error detection
  • Remote access to quality data from a web browser
  • Site- and process-specific evaluations of measurement results

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