Drawing-based Quality Test Planning

infra CONVERT 2018 takes over a large part of your work in drawing-based test plans. The software supports you in creating automated, and therefore quick and reliable, test plans from Technical drawings, e.g. for initial sampling or statistical process control.

Infra CONVERT automatically extracts, analyses and marks quality-relevant features from CAD drawings and transfers them to a test plan.

  • Ensure a recogntion rate of quality-relevant features up to 100 %.
  • Link quality-relevant features in stamped drawings and the corresponding quality control plan via a characteristic number.
  • Reduce the time required for quality test planning by up to 70 %.
  • Integrate infra CONVERT as a module in a CAD system.

Loaded by infra CONVERT:

  • Drawings in a CAD exchange format (DWG, DXF oder IGES)
  • Drawings in another format (PDF, TIFF, PNG, …)

Issued by infra CONVERT:

  • Quality test plan for further processing in MS Excel or a CAQ system
  • Stamped drawings as a PDF file or image details of areas around the stamps


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