Metrologic software til dataopsamling

– kan benyttes alene eller som supplement til Q-DAS proceskapabilitetssoftware

M-DAQ Metrologic data acisition quality system

Software til dataopsamling fra f.eks. målemaskiner med mulighed for at tilknytte egenskaber fra håndmåle­udstyr eller attributive egenskaber (Go/ No Go). Indeholder modul til online visualisering af måledata samt temperatur- og fugtighedskompensationsmodul. Softwaren kan benyttes alene eller som supplement til Q-DAS® proceskapabilitetssoftware.

Software moduler


Brugervenligt interface til dataindsamling, der kombinerer CMM rapporter med manuelle målinger. Softwarens visuelle måleguide og statistisk dataovervågning i realtime hjælper operatøren til enkelt og hurtigt at udføre komplekse testplaner.

En speciel funktion er samspillet med en målemaskine. Målemaskinen sender en fil, der indlæses automatisk i programmet. Programmet kan da sættes op til at give mulighed for indtastning af variable eller alternative data. Den færdige indtastning sendes til procellas database og kan efterfølgende analyseres i procella.


M-DAQ customized for roughness

A user interface for measurement of roughness data following a plan including the locations on the part which can guide the operator to perform complex test plans.

Managing the data from different roughness testers in production line or laboratory can be challenging, especially when the production parts each have several measurement positions, several production stations and several operators are involved.

With M-DAQ Data you get digitalization of your roughness testers in production line or laboratory. It gives you the opportunity to record the complete history of your measurements, together with operator name, part, date, time, test plan which can be retrieved at any time.


  • Data acquisition from roughness instrument
  • Test plan for parts with multiple control positions
  • Management of the measurement sequence and visual guide for measurement positions
  • Overall quality status live on the screen 
  • Direct upload of production data to database incl. Q-DAS
  • Calibration planning
  • User rights for different user access
  • Easy Gage R&R using the historical data
  • Can be used to manage multiple roughness instruments and multiple parts

M-DAQ customized for attribute data

Manual data interface for visual/radigraphic inspection. No more intensive labor work to prepare a quality report manually from a huge pile of visual inspection attributive data!

Pick a defect type from the drop-down menu and click on the position where the defect was observed. Then a report of defects will be generated which includes all statistics you need including number, type etc of defects in each position.

Documenting the results of visual and radiographic inspection is often tricky, because such a defect can be raised from any location of a part. So it needs some sort of grouping of the locations which is done by our MDAQ-Att 1.0. This can effectively help the quality engineer to tackle the production problems. 

Our MDAQ-Att 1.0 for attributive data is designed in a way that directly after the inspection it generates a report including the statistics of defects with plenty of options.


  • Possibility to add as many views as needed for visual and radiographic inspection
  • Possibility to define zone of interest in each view for grouping the defect reports 
  • Defining test plans with default defect type for a specific zone of interest
  • Output formats in pdf for reports, csv for statistical use and dfq for Q-DAS


Looking for a visualization tool to show the status of your KPIs in a big screen in a simple and clear way that everyone could recognize an error immediately?

Quality managers often require a tool which can provide a total graphical representation of the ongoing quality of the production. With such a representation – especially in big screens – it will be much easier to monitor the production quality.

Our quality visualization tool M-DAQ Dashboard can monitor many characteristics (no limitation) for the parts being controlled in a live status.

The display presents the results in a customized color scheme, so that status of each measurement is showed by colored smileys. Clicking on each smiley will bring out detailed information in that layer.


  • Option for selecting any color graphics images or smileys
  • Able to connect and present status of database from any server/cloud, so there is no actual limitation in where the visualization tool is being used.
  • The system extracts actual data, tolerance limit etc from a Q-DAS database, but it can be designed to use other types of databases.




A program used to give an automatic feedback to the operator on measurement done on CMM or similar machines e.g. in measurement rooms.

The program is based on Q-DAS Procella or qs-STAT and show the last measured parts together with a defined number of previous measurements directly for the operator.

Preconditions. Q-DAS DBM upload program and locally installed Q-DAS product preferable as client.


The operator enters the current part number in the program, after which the current screen with e.g. the SPC card is displayed.

The program investigates after a defines seconds the database and if there is a new data record in the current part record set then the screen will be refreshed, and the last set of data shown.

Using the program, the operator is constantly kept informed about the results of the process.

System setup 

The program can be delivered as single installation or plant installation.


Effektiv løsning til konvertering / oversættelse af data fra forskellige systemer (som fx Zeiss, Werth, DeMeet, Nikone) til Q-DAS-system.

M-Environment Solution

Changes in temperature and humidity do matter for the production quality!


Temperature and humidity monitoring are the basic elements to get control on the environmental effects.

M-DAQ Temperature gives you live monitoring of temperature and humidity so you at all times have full control of your working area.

The gathered data is saved on database which can be accessible from a physical server, a cloud server or intranet. Therefore the online temperature/humidity curves can be shown at home or work with no limitations. The environmental data gathered by the system can be used for temperature/humidity compensation following the quality standards.


  • Fully compatible with Q-DAS (the system can be used also stand-alone)
  • Alarm setting: if temperature/humidity of a local sensor is turned out to be outside the preset tolerances
  • Able to connect and present status of database from any server/cloud, so there is no actual limitation in where the monitoring tool is being used
  • The system can use a Q-DAS database, but it can be designed to use other type of databases.

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