Software suite for dimensional data management, quality planning and analysis in the manufacturing industry

The Q-DAS eMMA software suite for dimensional data management, quality planning and analytics brings product development and measurement technology closer together. Through its key modules, eMMA MDM, eMMA Analyst and eMMA Reporter, it offers a comprehensive toolset that enables OEMs and their suppliers to plan, collect and analyse dimensional information from various stages of the product lifecycle.

eMMA collects shop-floor data from dozens of metrology systems and aligns it with managed quality control routines for automated and on-the-fly analytics. The software offers native 3D functionality and integration to product data management (PDM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) software as well as other systems, making it an indispensable cross-departmental metrology data tool for manufacturers in various industry sectors including automotive stamping, car body assembly, car body interior, shipbuilding and others.



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