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eMMA MDM is an enterprise IT solution created to structure and manage 3D measurement data, thus closing the information gap in the quality assurance process. eMMA MDM provides controlled access to measurement plans, alignment systems, tolerances, measurement results, and analysis sessions. eMMA MDM is a scalable solution capable of supporting small teams in an OEM department or in a supplier manufacturing site, as well as global implementations that include multiple sites and thousands of users.

Standard support for all types of metrology data

Centralized and standardized management of metrology data boosts inter/intra department communication. eMMA MDM favors this communication by bringing data from different metrology systems together in a single platform. eMMA MDM supports the import of inspection plans, measurement results, and 3D geometries in multiple file formats. 

Structured measurement plans across the assembly process

Feature consistency throughout the assembly process is crucial for a high quality control process. For this reason, one of eMMA MDM’s core principles is preserving the consistency of single parts inspection plans as well as assembly inspection plans along the entire assembly process.

Secure connections to CAD and PDM/PLM

To assist in the proper integration of engineering workflows into the quality control process, eMMA MDM also provides interfaces with different PLM systems allowing the transparent exchange of information. Assembly structures, as well as 3D geometries, can be easily uploaded and updated using the PDM/PLM interfaces.

An eMMA module for each need

The eMMA MDM solution offers a variety of modules that assist the quality control process at different stages of the product lifecycle. From planning (see also eMMA Planner, eMMA Illustrator) to manufacturing and monitoring (see also eMMA Analyst, eMMA Inspector, eMMA Assembler, eMMA Reporter).


  • Transparent and global collaboration in the 3D measurement technology
  • Consistency from single parts to final assembled products
  • User management with role-based data access rights

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