SPC – statistisk proceskontrol

Whether operators enter measurement and test data manually or data come directly from measuring equipment via interface, procella makes data collection easy. The software stores these data in files or saves them to a central database. From the collection to the display of data, procella is the tool for statistical process control of quantitative and qualitative measured values. 

Tailor-made visualisation

Real-time visualisation of collected values combined with the display of historical data allows users to identify trends early. The operator has the power to take corrective action to improve the manufacturing process in time.

Users configure individual procella masks and graphics meeting the requirements of the respective measurement procedure. Complex measuring tasks become transparent guaranteeing a quick and comfortable recording of measurement data. procella guides operators through the measurement process.

Alarms / process control

Individually configured alarm conditions (violation of tolerance or control limits, trends, etc.) help to control data statistically already during data recording. When a violation of alarm conditions occurs, the operator will be prompted immediately to acknowledge the alarm. The operator can even document measures, events and causes – a secure means for understanding the cause of deviations in subsequent analyses.

Moreover, users may enter descriptive additional information (cavity, machine, batch, operator …) and procella considers relevant information in specific evaluations and for reasons of traceability.

Connecting measuring equipment

procella is not only suitable for manual input of data but provides interfaces to connect various gauges and multiplexers directly. The software offers an easy transfer of data triggered at the gauge or by foot switch. With all its functionalities, procella is dedicated to minimising the number of faulty insertions and simplifying the measurement procedure.

Interaction with SAP

Users may transfer test plans generated in SAP to procella for data recording by connecting the Q-DAS software to SAP/R3 QM (via IDI interface). After completing the inspection, recorded data are transferred back to SAP. Due to its real-time visualisation, procella is the tool of choice for data recording. The interaction with SAP combines the high flexibility of procella with the advantages of a superordinate SAP system.

Udvidelser (Extensions)

The following functionalities are a perfect extension to the Q-DAS software product procella:

Form Designer

Q-DAS Form Designer makes it easy to create and modify available report templates. You may apply these templates in any Q-DAS software product. The interaction with M-QIS helps you adapt reports to the specific requirements of your intended recipients. Select from a tool box of texts, statistics, parts data, characteristics data and additional data as well as graphics (qs-STAT graphics and image files in the BMP, JPG, EMF and WMF format) and add links and logical operation formulas. Use drag-and-drop functionalities to position these elements in a report.

Overview (PDF 158 kB)

3D CAD Viewer

CAD models offer visual support in performing measuring tasks. The integrated reporting system illustrate test results and evaluation results based on a CAD model.

3D CAD providing the basis for test plans

With a test plan available in qs-STAT and measured values recorded, you may assign characteristics to the CAD model after selecting them.

Supporting data recording

Approved as tools for the real-time visualisation of results and SPC alarm control, the tool is now even designed to show characteristic-specific views in the CAD model. It guides the operator perfectly through the measuring task.

Reports including 3D CAD

The CAD models serve their purpose in many fields of statistical analysis; they can even be used in reports. Individual and customised reports refer to the respective CAD model. Since the features/characteristics are allocated to the drawing, the report automatically shows the relevant characteristics in the CAD model together with associated evaluation results.

Overview (PDF 149 kB)

Serial interfaces

You may use procella to transfer measurement data directly via serial interface (RS-232). Here is an overview of available interface packages.

Overview of interface packages (PDF 116 kB)

SAP QM-IDI interface

The QM module of SAP R/3 offers the “inspection data interface” (QM-IDI) to external systems. This is how users transfer relevant data such as inspection lots, characteristics and measured values.

You use SAP for test planning purposes, i.e. you define when you measure which characteristic and where. This information is transferred to a local Q-DAS database in the form of an inspection lot. The operator is now able to open it in a Q-DAS software product.

This approach is frequently applied in the Q-DAS software products O-QIS or procella. procella is the perfect choice for the recording of test data whereas SAP is focused on test planning. You may thus benefit from a combination of both.

Overview (PDF 203 kB)

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