Q-DAS – Analysis of production data

Production data Analysis Software. Absolute leading provider within SPC (Statistical Process Control) and optimizing process management in the company through data collection and analysis. Considered today as the formative standard for the preparation of statistical analyzes.


Q-DAS Statistics Software – “Stand-alone solution” with a focus on a specific task – ensuring consistent standards throughout the company.

CAMERA Concept

Q-DAS CAMERA Concept – well-structured system for monitoring capability in industrial production.

Dimensional Data Handling

Q-DAS eMMA Software Suite for dimensional data management, quality planning and analysis in the manufacturing industry.


The Q-DAS software consists of various modules that

  • Can either be used separately (statistics software)and cover the part of the company’s quality management that relates to MSA, process management, process capability and process optimization

  • Can be used together (The CAMERA concept). The use of the CAMERA concept usually requires a process of joint planning, configuration, and installation with the customer.

Q-DAS Standard Software vs CAMERA Concept

Q-DAS Statistics software is aimed at a specific task that the customer wants to solve here and now, and is therefore considered a kind of “stand-alone solution”. The CAMERA Concept is used to build an automated performance measurement system to capture and measure the quality of industrial production.

About Q-DAS

Q-DAS is a German software house specializing in the development and use of statistical methods in quality management.

The Q-DAS products are currently used worldwide (covering 22 languages including several Asian countries) and are currently considered as the formative standard for the preparation of statistical analyzes.

Q-DAS is the preferred software in the automotive industry and leading automotive groups such as FORD, GM, Mercedes Benz, AUDI, Volvo, Scania and VOLKSWAGEN, all of which have chosen Q-DAS as reference software.

In addition, both major and minor subcontractors such as Bosch selected Q-DAS and also demands their subcontractors to deliver reports in the Q-DAS format.

The products are distinguished by their usability, great flexibility and by supporting the international guidelines, norms and standards of quality.

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