Metrologic software

Metrologic develops software for data acquisition and calibration software for gauge management. You can get developed or customized software to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Metrologic data acquisition



A user-friendly interface for data acquisition that combines CMM reports with manual measurements. The software has a visual measurement guideline and real-time statistical data monitoring which helps the operator to perform complex test plan in simple and quick manner.


A smart solution on real-time monitoring and visualization of production quality status plus handling the events based on Q-DAS data management system.

M-Environment Solution

Data acquisition system for capturing and visualization of temperature and Humidity in CMM room or on production lines plus possibility to uploading the collected data to SQL database.


Efficient solution for data converting/translating from different systems (like Zeiss, Werth, DeMeet, Nikon) to Q-DAS system

Metrologic gauge management software


Gauge management software. Supports the company’s calibration function in an efficient and work-saving way. Meets the requirements of DS/ISO 9000, ISO 10012-1 and ISO 16949 (QS 9000). Gauge management ensures a complete record of all the necessary information in the most economical way possible.


Gauge management software with WEB Viewer solution for use on PC or tablet.

  • Monitors the use, calibration and repair of your equipment
  • Reports your calibration results and documents traceability
  • Sends list to next calibration on email
  • Data exchange for Q-DAS software
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