Dimensional Data Management, Quality Planning and Analytics Software for Manufacturing

The eMMA software suite for dimensional data management, quality planning and analytics brings product development and measurement technology closer together. Through its key modules, eMMA MDM, eMMA Analyst and eMMA Reporter, it offers a comprehensive toolset that enables OEMs and their suppliers to plan, collect and analyse dimensional information from various stages of the product lifecycle.

eMMA collects shop-floor data from dozens of metrology systems and aligns it with managed quality control routines for automated and on-the-fly analytics. The software offers native 3D functionality and integration to product data management (PDM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) software as well as other systems, making it an indispensable cross-departmental metrology data tool for manufacturers in various industry sectors including automotive stamping, car body assembly, car body interior, shipbuilding and others.


eMMA MDM – Transparent collaboration for 3D measurement technology


  • Transparent and global collaboration in the 3D measurement technology
  • Consistency from single parts to final assembled products
  • User management with role-based data access rights

eMMA MDM is an enterprise IT solution to structure and centrally manage 3D measurement data, closing the information gap in the quality assurance process. The eMMA MDM solution provides managed access to measurement plans, alignment systems, tolerances, measurement results and analyses. eMMA MDM is a scalable solution capable of supporting small teams of users in an OEM department or at a suppliers site, up to a large global implementation of multiple sites and thousands of users.

  • Standard support for all types of metrology data, including probing, optical scanning, 2D/3D and inline measurement
  • Synchronisation of quality processes with 3D design processes
  • Standardised metadata, processes, algorithms and reports
  • Structured measurement plans across the assembly process
  • Integration with the Q-DAS qs-STAT statistical process control (SPC) engine
  • I++ DMS support for the integration and automation of various systems

Key Features

  • Secure connections to CAD and PDM/PLM
  • Consistency from a single component to the final assembled product
  • User management with role-based data access rights
  • Revision control and change management
  • Management of product variants and configurations


emma MDM

eMMA Analyst

eMMA Analyst – Analysis and documentation of measurement results

eMMA Analyst is a flexible and versatile software for the analysis of measurement results. Using statistical key performance indicators (KPIs), it provides insights that let you better control your prototyping, launch, ramp-up and production processes. eMMA Analyst supports both PDF documentation and interactive on-the-fly 3D analysis.

  • Standardised evaluation algorithms and uniform, company-wide reports
  • Consistent and transparent processes for root cause identification and correction
  • Standardised interfaces for measurement plans, measurement results and CAD data
  • Overview of production quality over time

Key Features:

  • Streamlined process evaluations to boost quality assurance across product lines
  • Function-specific tolerances for each phase of the product lifecycle
  • Functional reporting for various activities and milestones such as production part approval process (PPAP), launch, steady-state)
  • Virtual analysis of assemblies and matching parts
  • Process evaluations throughout the assembly process


emma Analyst

eMMA Reporter

Quality assurance in production

eMMA Reporter allows company-wide monitoring of manufacturing quality at any number of production sites.  The software recognises and reports deviations from manufacturing tolerances in real time and supports root cause analysis.

  • Web-based, enterprise-wide benchmark of manufacturing quality
  • Information portal for project teams, measurement departments and management
  • Collaboration between headquarters and manufacturing sites
  • Overview of production quality over time
  • Greater control of complex assembly processes
Key Features:
  • Site- and process-specific evaluations of measurement results
  • Monitoring and alerts via email or SMS
  • Online validation of forming and assembly process corrections
  • Associative connectivity to eMMA Analyst for in-depth analysis


emma Reporter

eMMA Planner

eMMA Planner

eMMA Planner is a module created to facilitate the management of inspection plans for both single parts and assembly structures. eMMA Planner supports multiple operations such as: creation of inspection plans for assembly structures, modification of feature tolerances and feature attributes, creation of linked features among others.

3D Intuitive exploration environment

The rich 3D native environment that accompanies all eMMA modules allows the intuitive exploration of all elements of an inspection plan. The 3D environment embedded into eMMA Planner enables the edition of existing features as well as the definition of linked-features while preserving a spatial reference to the geometry associated with the corresponding inspection plan. This simplifies the selection of features belonging to a particular region in the geometry or the identification of spatial relations between features.


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