This information is regarding database update from version 10/11 to 12. Do NOT use the Q-DAS script tool for this purpose.

The Q-DAS script does not correct any errors in the database and will clear indexes without being able to restore them. The use of the Q-DAS DB update/access solution will change the database and potentially corrupt it with duplicates.

This has been verified by Q-DAS support (27-06-2019) wherefore we recommend that v11 or older databases should be updated via METROLOGIC’s database migration/optimization tool. Please contact us for more information.

Important system requirements
If you install a v12 database on older than MSSQL 2016 server, index calls will generate errors which will appear as program errors in the Q-DAS programs.

We refer to our PDF document of system requirements (download further down the page). The document describes that a minimum Microsoft SQL system must be version “2016” or newer. This is because the main index in the database was set for NVARCHAR variables and therefore exceeds the max 900 Bytes index, which is the max size in previous MSSQL servers. The version 2016 and newer has been changed by Microsoft.

This is confirmed and verified by Q-DAS support (27-06-2019).

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