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chy.stat er struktureret i moduler. Du behøver således kun at installere de kvalitets- og/eller produktivitetsindikatorer, som anvendes i virksomheden. Enkelt moduler kan til enhver tid tilføjes senere.




  • Pareto analysis of the expenses caused by scrap – helps you to identify the actual source of financial losses. A simple analysis of the produced scrap quantity is not able to do that.
  • Scrap QQC – shows you a real systematic increase in scrap production and with that you can avoid pointless expenses caused by false alarms.
  • Relation between the production process malfunctions and the product defects – linking product flaws to technological defects leads to a continuous optimisation of production technologies, which naturally generates a clearly visible financial benefit.
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  • Every day an updated overview – thanks to an automatic analysis in the background.
  • From cumulative graphs to a detailed analysis interactively – modern technologies and partial results calculated “on the flight” will make you reach the core of the problem quickly and easily.
  • Reliable results – thanks to a well-grounded and automated statistic interpretation (Q-DAS Inside) under the supervision of Carl Friedrich.
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  • Keep ‘order’ in your production with our Ordo module – as they say in Latin.
  • At the same time, make ‘orders’ that help you in managing your production.
  • Ordo can organize the measuring laboratory, release production, assess orders and creates a communication platform over the process data results.
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